Painting Syria

Camera, Post
Rebecca Rütten


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Miream Salameh is not only an artist but also an activist. During the Syrian revolution she participated in one of the first magazines in Syrian history that questioned the dictatorship of Al-Assad. Facing death, torture and rape threats by Al-Assads forces, Miream and her family had to leave the country. Over night she lost not only her home but also memories and the majority of her art. After her family gathered piece by piece in Lebanon they moved on to Australia in 2013. Since the relocation Miream turned her sensitivities into capabilities. She is still in contact with her in Syria remaining friends, which send her photographs of their day-to-day reality. Inspired by these photographs Miream paints the scenes of tenacity and suffering if her homeland. Her paintings make voices heard and the suffering never forgotten. According to Miream the small action in every daily life of each individual can have a huge impact. Actions such as, organizing your community, write letters to the government and gather for local action and protest. But also Simple things like being nice and making friends with foreigners, sharing time and treat others and the environment with respect.