Book: Never – Never Land

The Book
Size: 19,5 x 25,5 cm, Pages: 122, Pictures:  106, Diary Entries: 3, Paper:  Gardapat Kira 150g, Print: 4/4 Farb Digitaldruck, Druckerei Kettler, Binding: Perfect binding

The Booklet
Size:14,8 x 21 cm, Pages: 12, Interviews: 12, Paper: PhoeniXmotion Xantur 135g, Print: 4/4 Farb Digitaldruck, Druckerei Kettler, Binding: Saddle Stitch

All Together
Weight: 730g, Size: 20 x 30 cm
1 x Plastic Zipper
1 x Book
1 x Booklet
1 x Rubberband
1 x Print in Cover

– Price: 78 Euro

In January 2014 I met this interesting group of long term travelers who settled in a Hostel for the first time . Fascinated by this place and it’s people, who seemed so incredibly free, I decided to return in December 2014 with my camera on a self-experiment. In the first month I was positive and motivated. We drifted, wandered aimlessly, letting adventure find us. Everywhere we went we played our own music and rode on the roofs of taxis around the island. We dressed up, drank and danced through the night until the sun would rise. Our community became our new family. Back home nothing waited for us. We had left society behind when we departed our homes. We had entered a different world. After a few weeks of successful integration and initial enthusiasm this travel-utopia transformed more and more into some kind of a dystopia.

Traveling had become some kind of a religion to me and I naively never questioned it. Being able to make a project about people who „lived the dream“ made me really excited. For me it felt like the rules people were running away from, the structure they hated in their lives, were found in a different sense in the hostel. As time passed the Hostel became like a Theatre production without consequence. People seemed to automatically shift into roles without realizing it. Instead of telling a story about this place in particular, I am telling a story about a subject that has been repeated for generations in different times and places, found in political models, subcultures and religion.  While for some people it’s a place of growth, change, and meetings; for others it lost all it’s beauty. It all depends on the timing and the cast that mark the memories. My work portrays and captures an important part of the Traveling culture of the 21. century and questions the romantic idea of backpacking in developing countries.

The book of my series „Never – Never Land,“  was released in a limited edition of 50 copies and exhibited in January 2016 at the Gängeviertel Hamburg. Additional to the book I created a small 14.8 x 21 cm booklet with hand written interviews. I decided to just show the answers and hide the questions to give the viewer more freedom to explore the visual medium. Book and Booklet are bonded with a green rubber band and protected in in a plastic zip lock bag like what travelers use. Each cover of the 50 books is decorated with one of 27 different prints. Copies are Signed  and were available at the House of Photography/ Deichtorhallen in Hamburg but are currently sold out.