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About me

Hi, my name is Rebecca Rütten, and I am a photographer and nomad artist. Born in 1991 in Cologne, Germany, I study since 2011 Communication Design BA with an focus on Photography and Film in Germany and the United States. Everything new, different and uncommon is appealing to me.  I enjoy the growth and change experienced when leaving my comfort zone. From a young age I have always loved storytelling and visual media. By using myriad cameras and techniques, I communicate my ideas via various cinematic imageries. My current personal work mostly deals with identity and is a mixture of portrait, journalism and concept art. My projects „Contemporary Pieces“ and „Never – Never Land“, been featured by international Magazines, Blogs and Media such as GUP, Vice and CNN. For me Photography and filming are powerful weapons against the madness of our society and I hope to have an impact on other great minds.


Along with my personal projects, I work as a freelance photographer on internationally commission projects in journalism , fashion and portrait. I am always open to new projects. Please feel free to contact me via email for bookings and enquires.


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