Get In Trouble With Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is not only a great way to save money while travelling, it will also take an important impact on your views.  I am using it since several years to meet new friends while traveling. The most people already heard about and some may say it doest work. Sometimes you might not get lucky on your search but I believe it’s also about the How-To of how approaching people.

Couchsurfing is not a free Hotel Option, It’s made to meet people. When somebody agrees to be your host, the adventure of the unknown starts. If you are interested in Couchsurfing but don’t know how to start I want to give you some advises. Let’s pretend you wanna go Couchsurfing. First of all you have to create a profile and since it’s the internet you can simply be yourself or even better, pretend to be someone you are not, but always wanted to be. The way you present yourself is what kind of people will write you.  In general i would say the stranger the better. Life is boring enough. You are here because you need some action. You want to discover new stuff about the world and yourself. Write some nice words about yourself and then upload a bunch of your favourite photos. Cuddling with tiger babies in Taiwan, jumping out of an airplane, wearing a bunny costume, -get creative and don’t be shy! The best way for finding a couch is posting an open request but also search for as many potential hosts as possible. You wanna search for the “last login” so you can be sure that people are active in the community. Scan the individuals in the list and mark everybody who seems interesting. I think it’s great to write all kinds of people you think you can learn from. Sometimes I sent out 20 to 30 requests and just heard back from one person, sometimes i sent 3 requests and all of those host were down to host.

Speaking from my experience you will always have a good time when you act like an old friend, give the person a big hug, be thankful and empathetic. Respect their rules and find out whats going on in their lives. Couchsurfing is very interesting and a very special way to meet strangers. You will take a dip into other peoples realities and from time to time become an impact. Be a good storyteller or listener. Do them a favour and help with your skills. Sometimes the locals will not only shelter you, more than that… they will give you the house-keys, share their food and take you to their favourite underground places. There is always a big amount of trust. It’s such a great unique way to discover a city and in the end it’s all about giving.

 If you seek more informations about the whole thing, watch the Couchsurfing explanation Video I created a few years ago.  I sent questions to people from all over the world and asked them to record their answers with a camera of their choice. In the end result i cut them all together and so let members of the community explain the Idea of Couchsurfing for you.